• @badgalgege @92_yungrida you are missing the point I'm not blaming the music I'm blaming the artist; I'm blaming the directors of their music videos. I am not just talking about him I'm talking jay z, kanye,beyonce,rihanna,etc people who lie to the public like we are not doing anything then you see all this signs in your face. I am the type of person (don't piss on my head and call it rain) if you think its nothin wrong with your way of life tell the world about it why keep it a secret. Every other religon is public why can't yours be too... if your not doing anything wrong. And do listen to other artist I don't only listen to hip hop I listen to all music that's good to me. I'm just tired of the lies.

  • @brandonshaman Blasphemy!! Illuminati nigga!!

  • @damaco___34 @bsham619 he's not in the illiminati he just has money bitch

  • @brandonshaman @_damarco_ bitch who are you to call me a bitch idk you instagram tuffy he knows I'm playin I know him on a personal level like every other d nigga my boys his jeweler on top of that so before you talk your shit to a nigga you ain't know.. know his story first

  • @dbosbi Illuminati

  • @speeks11 @bigsean...3ye see u..3ye not with you..3ye cant believe u...3ye aint feeling you now...3ye see threw me no glass face in mirror thow..3ye see you fucked...lmao

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